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Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities


Our Capabilities

Our staff of powder coating experts and our fully equipped, state of the art service shop can provide you with all the steps necessary to give your items the color, appearance and protection they require, all done according to your specifications.

Sandblasting-Powder Coating-Curing

Whether it’s a priceless collector’s item or your favorite old patio set, whether it’s a prototype or a large run of products, we can do the job quickly and efficiently, and we will treat each item with the same expertise and professionalism.

We supply high quality coating services at competitive prices and exceptional turnaround times!


Hundreds of Colors*

We have a very large array of colors for you to choose from. The palettes above are showing the TIGER Drylac® RAL colors as examples. 

Textures and Effects*

We are able to create many different unique textures, sheens and surface effects to give your parts that special feel and characteristic look.

·  Smooth ·  Fine Texture ·  Rough Texture
·  Matte ·  Semi Gloss ·  High Gloss
·  Metallic ·  Silver ·  Antique / Vein
·  Glitter ·  Holographic ·  Fluorescent

The colors on the right are a small section of what we can do.

*The display of colors on a computer monitor will vary from one system to another, and no computer is capable of displaying all the colors that the human eye can distinguish. So please keep in mind that the colors you see here are only an approximation of what they look like in reality. The same is also true for textures and special effects. We invite you to visit us in our shop to view our actual color charts and all the surface effects we can produce

Our Specialty – Final Packaging

At Vicious Coatings Ltd. we go beyond what most powder coating companies will do. For large repeat orders of products that you don’t require back for assembly or other procedures, we can design the perfectly fitting packaging, then package the parts and ship them directly to your end customers, saving you work and money.